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If you are interested in this topic, then our commercial offer will definitely interest you!

I have a business proposal for you. We sell turnkey one-page online stores for 6,000 rubles. Products of our production, there are no analogues. You do not need any investment in the product:

  1. Distribute the site on social networks
  2. Receive orders by mail
  3. Forward to us
  4. We send the goods, and you get 10% of the sale

Company name: Ai-Xtech GmbH
Toth Roland Gabor
Phone: +43 660 118 2025
Address: Austria, Vienna, Stadiongasse 2/10
Zip: 1010 (Edge of the Austrian Parlament)

Representative: Murasheva Svetlana Vladimirovna – a specialist in the method of revitalization in the field of selection of genetically correct nutrition, water. Certified specialist in autonomic resonance testing and bioresonance therapy.

Research Education institut (Germany) certified nutritionist. The author of a complex methodology for the restoration and harmonization of the body, a healthy lifestyle specialist with a medical education.

+7 (995) 18-99-159

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