Ekomag “Light”. Set №2 “Basic”

6 600 9 000 



Generator Ecomag Light;
Power unit;
Field indicator;
Coil average 14 cm;


In set No. 2 (basic), there is an additional Tesla coil medium 14 cm and a TOP coil. The average flat “Tesla Coil” 14 cm has a more localized zone of influence on pathogenic formations. Effectively affects internal organs, viruses and fungal diseases, is able to quickly remove scar tissue and accelerate healing. Toroidal (TOR) “Tesla Coil”, this is a further development of flat coils. Unlike flat coils, TOP is a more pointy and localized option. At the same time, it has smaller dimensions and a greater depth of penetration of the electromagnetic field. It is intended for impact on tissues and organs deeply located in the body (up to 25 cm). Just like the average Tesla Coil, it effectively affects pathogenic formations, viruses and fungal diseases, is able to quickly remove scar tissue and accelerate healing, and has a pronounced analgesic effect!

The built-in large Tesla coil 22 cm is designed primarily for cleansing the body. Effectively affects the problems of blood circulation due to the extensive distribution of the field. This is the most efficient coil for the biophysical activation of drinking water! How to “restructure” water:

We take purified (filtered) water, pour into a 3-liter glass container, set the power regulator to the maximum and after 30-60 minutes, as a result of the impact of the field, biological “Restructuring” begins to occur. Which can be observed as the appearance of “bubbles”, we call it (aeration effect), as soon as this happens, then the water has passed the stage of “restructuring” and it can be used within 1 day. In some regions, due to the hardness of the water, the PH composition and the content of other chemical elements. You can not observe the formation of air bubbles on the walls of the container. But this absolutely does not mean that the water has not passed the stage of “restructuring”.

Power supply from the battery (18650 “2360mA” 2 X 8.4V)

Frequency (290-300 kHz)

Battery life 6 hours.

The time from a fully discharged battery to a full charge is about 3 hours. To determine the level of charging on the power supply has a three-color indication. Red indicates that the battery is low. Yellow means the battery is half charged. And Green that the battery is fully charged. To correctly determine the degree of charge of the batteries. The following connection procedure must be observed. First, the power supply is connected to the network and only then the generator is connected.

On the case there is a visual indication of the partial discharge of the batteries. When the indicator goes out, it signals that the charge is 20% left in time, which is about 2 hours of generator operation. When connecting the power supply to charge the batteries of the generator. The indicator lights up, but this does not mean that the batteries are charged. The degree of charge is determined by the power supply.

The generator operates in two modes (there is a switch on the case)

Mode 1: turns on the 22 cm coil (built-in).

Mode 2: Turns off the 22cm coil and turns on the output for using additional coils: 14cm, TOP, Flex coil, static spikes and blankets.

Mode 0: turns off the generator.



Additional information

Dispatch country

Abroad, Russia


«Light-C», «Light-M»


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