Ekomag «Light». Set №3 «Universal»

13 000 16 300 



Generator Ecomag Light;
Power unit;
Field indicator;
step-up transformer;
Coil average 14 cm;
Static spikes 14 and 22 cm;
pockets fixers as a gift.


Set No. 3 Universal includes the Ecomag Light generator with a built-in Tesla coil 22 cm, an average Tesla coil 14 cm and TOP, included in the second set. The Universal kit includes Electrostatic spikes. The device consists of active elements “Spikes” with a radius of 14cm or 22cm. The spikes are arranged according to the principle of fractal geometry. The distance between the spikes provides the most efficient electrostatic field at the top of the spikes. Spikes are placed for safety of use in a closed case, powered by a step-up transformer.

In the design of Shipov, the principle of Electrotherapy according to the method of V.D. Ragel. Each cell has its own electrical parameters, the ability to attract and repel. On our surface, a cell at rest has a positive charge (+), and on the inside it has a negative charge (-). When a cell is exposed to an electric current, the polarity changes on its shell, the charges change places, the molecular ion channels are additionally opened, as a result, the throughput increases, as well as the removal of spent elements from the cell. As a result, it increases and accelerates the metabolism in the human body.

A clear interaction of all the functions of the cell’s vital activity is a prerequisite for the existence of both a single cell and the whole organism as a whole. When an electric current is applied to a cell, the concentration of electrolytes changes: the current has a physiological effect, creating a threshold excitation, and gives impetus to the cell’s vital activity. The main carrier of energy circulating in the body is an electron. For normal metabolism and optimal biochemical processes, conditions are required for the unhindered movement of an electron. The absence of electrical potential or its insufficiency is the root cause of the emergence of an uncomfortable state of the body and, as a result, the development of diseases.

Cells lose electrical potential under the influence of stress, physical and mental overload, fatigue, radiation, malnutrition and other adverse factors. The body is not able to independently (especially in old age) “recharge” the cells, therefore, the activity of metabolic processes decreases, the endocrine glands secrete less synovial fluid, the surfaces of the joints dry out, salt deposits appear, and pain occurs. The cell eventually fails. For example, sclerosis is the failure of the walls of capillaries, blood vessels and fluid volumes. And no material benefits – increased nutrition, sleep, rest, resorts, sea bathing, expensive drugs – are able to compensate for the lack of electrical potential of the cell. We are confident that our products will become your faithful and reliable companion on the way to health!

Power supply from the battery (18650 “2360mA” 2 X 8.4V)

Frequency (290-300 kHz)

Battery life 6 hours.

The time from a fully discharged battery to a full charge is about 3 hours. To determine the level of charging on the power supply has a three-color indication. Red indicates that the battery is low. Yellow means the battery is half charged. And Green that the battery is fully charged. To correctly determine the degree of charge of the batteries. The following connection procedure must be observed.

First, the power supply is connected to the network and only then the generator is connected. On the case there is a visual indication of the partial discharge of the batteries. When the indicator goes out, it signals that the charge is 20% left in time, which is about 2 hours of generator operation. When connecting the power supply to charge the batteries of the generator. The indicator lights up, but this does not mean that the batteries are charged. The degree of charge is determined by the power supply.

The generator operates in two modes (there is a switch on the case)

Mode 1: turns on the 22 cm coil (built-in).

Mode 2: Turns off the 22cm coil and turns on the output for using additional coils: 14cm, TOP, Flex coil, static spikes and blankets.

Mode 0: turns off the generator

Additional information

Dispatch country

Abroad, Russia


«Light-C», «Light-M»


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