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Two types of the electrostatic field are known, irrotational and vortex. An irrotational electrostatic field is characterized by the fact that it does not change over time. In addition, such a field cannot exist separately from electric charges, which themselves are its source. The vortex electrostatic field is characterized by the fact that it can change over time and exist separately from electric charges.

This method of influencing the patient with an electrostatic field is based on the interaction of the body with an alternating low-frequency electrostatic field of high intensity with the possibility of changing the current strength mode, as well as time parameters. The electrostatic field contributes to the appearance of varying degrees of vibration in the tissues, extending to a considerable depth.

These fluctuations (displacements) of tissues, depending on their frequency, intensity and duration of application. able to influence the neuro-receptor apparatus, locally located blood and lymphatic vessels, regulate muscle tone, affect the functional state of internal organs. The presented technique of electrostatic therapy is effective in the pathology of the organs of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, lymphatic and venous insufficiency, attacks of the same pathology of the bronchopulmonary system and digestive organs.

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