Fractal antenna “maze” (pendant-keychain)


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This is an exact copy of a drawing (laid out of marble or granite) located in the nave of the church of Chartres Cathedral in France. Strictly speaking, it’s not exactly a maze. A real labyrinth is a tangled road with dead ends. There are no dead ends here. It would be more correct to say: here is a long, winding road, which sooner or later will lead to the goal – you just need to be patient.

– Enhances energy;
– Increases the body’s resistance to diseases;
– Balances the energy meridians of the body;
– Normalizes mental and emotional states;
– Restores the biofield;
– Cleans and clarifies the chakras;
– Neutralizes the negative effect of techno-pathogenic and geopathic radiation (electromagnetic radiation, smog, radiation, black spots) and sociopathic gene radiation;
– Harmonizes relationships and space;
– Cleanses and protects from negativity and energy attacks;
– Activates creativity;
– Enhances the effect of energy practices.


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