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To place an order for the manufacture of an individual matrix, download the “Information booklet” and the “Questionnaire”. Fill out the questionnaire and send it to and, together with the questionnaire, send a photograph from which an individual matrix will be created in the laboratory.


Information medicine is treatment with the help of information, which is a quantum reflection of the healthy state of a particular person and corrects deviations from the normal, usual state. In fact, we have founded and are developing bio-spintronics technologies that open up wide opportunities in the field of information medicine. As a specific use, we offer individual programs of the Garyaev matrix for photography, cord blood, placenta, root bulb. With the help of our technologies, we obtain special sound spectra, which we use as transferring a person’s state from pathology to normal.

Primary recording is carried out by our special laser capable of generating photons that change their polarization (spin states), i.e. they record information when probing any objects (cells and tissues, bioactive substances, photographs, etc.). Such a record is a general and very voluminous kind of library. The second stage is inseparable from the first and consists in the conversion of laser photons that probe and acquire spin bioinformation into a broadband electromagnetic spectrum (SBES), including the radio wave range and the accompanying spinor component. This transformation takes place in accordance with the “theory of localized light” known in physics.

We digitize the radio wave range, which has rewritten the photon information, and convert it into an audio format. When listening, the entire “library”, or most of it, is introduced into the patient’s brain.


To use our technologies, we offer the preparation of a Garyaev matrix program based on photographs, cord blood and placenta of newborns or close healthy relatives. In other words, a person who wants to improve his health and return to a younger state can go in two ways …


Everyone wants to quickly become young. But we must not forget that the process of rejuvenation, launched by us according to the programs of the spectra of the placenta, cord blood of newborns and according to their children’s photos, CANNOT BE FASTER THAN THE AGING PROCESS. Although this phenomenon is not linear and there are exceptions …


To use our technologies, individual programs of the Garyaev matrix are compiled, which are supplemented by universal and other programs, wave (spinor) displays of various bioactive substances of natural origin that have long been used in medicine …


One of the many practical results of Linguistic-Wave Genetics was the creation of working, Efficient Liquid Quantum Information Matrices (LCIM), obtained by programming biological substances prepared in a special way …


Garyaev’s matrix programs, recorded from blood, placenta or photographs of children, primarily work for the donors of these biomaterials, as well as for the next of kin. For example, if a program on the biomaterial of a child is used, then parents, brothers, sisters, grandfathers, grandmothers can use it …


Autism affects every 88th child in the world. Knowing the grammar of such genetic texts and the laws of creating chromosome holograms in the genome, it is possible to correct the pathological changes that occur in the course of diseases in chromosomes and the human body as a whole…


Using the methods of Linguistic-wave genetics, we have developed a method for recording spinor information from various substances and transferring this information to other substances. One of the practical applications of this is the creation of a new direction in cosmetology – quantum information cosmetology. Thanks to the developed methods, it was possible to transfer the properties of many biologically active substances to specially developed creams, which, in their physical quality, are difficult to introduce into creams due to loss of properties during processing, instability during storage, etc.

The information taken from these substances, first of all, gives the body an impetus to recovery and recovery as a whole, and, as an important component, the skin. The use of quantum cosmetics also makes it possible to enhance the impact of information programs-matrices. In the future, we will create creams with an individual program-matrix applied to them. The uniqueness of this line of creams is also determined by the fact that they are the result of joint work with scientists, technologists and cosmetologists.


In the process of developing technologies of Linguistic-wave genetics in relation to the correction of people’s health, we were surprised to find that the energy status of people increases significantly. People write to us about it and thank us.

It seemed to us that we are working only with information processes in the human body, partially returning it to a younger state, using the so-called. spinor spectra of umbilical cord blood and placenta of healthy newborns and their photos for those who want to at least partially return to a younger state. And it really works, which can be seen from the reviews using our matrices. But the high level of energy rise in most patients surprised us somewhat.

It is clear that if you become younger, then you become more energetic. But in our case, some other, additional, processes in the body, previously not known, are probably included. We are actively working on this now. The prospects are promising. Moreover, another surprising property of the spinor spectra of photographs of adults was also discovered.

Primary results on volunteers showed that it is possible (with the right selection of conditions) to mix (mix) the spectra of different people without any harm to them. The result of this is, for example, an increase in the physical strength of the recipient of such spinor information, if the information donor is physically more developed than its recipient. Apparently, this also applies to mental abilities. Work continues in this direction.

The spin information states of biophotons occupy a central place in our research. The scientific basis of the obtained results is the so-called phenomenon, widely known in quantum physics. entangled states of elementary particles, including photons. And it is important that photons, because our own photons (biophotons) play a key role in the regulation of all functions of our body.


The process of removing information from a person’s photo, in particular from children’s photos, is based on quantum physics. Including laser physics. And also, in theoretical terms, on the ideas of David Bohm, the largest specialist in the field of plasma physics. A significant contribution to understanding the spectroscopy of human photo images was made by the famous physicist G.I. Shipov, who developed the theory of torsion (spinor) fields. A certain contribution to the problem of quantum recording of information from a photo was also made by the geneticist P. Garyaev, who proposed a different understanding of genetic coding compared to the well-known canonical model:

The work with the photo was preceded by many years of research by the Garyaev group on the transmission of working genetic information over long distances using a torsion field. They are successful and continue. When the idea of ​​transmitting wave genes over distances of tens or more kilometers was confirmed in experiments, P. Garyaev proposed the idea of ​​removing genetic information from photographs of people. Photographs of people are not just a flat picture of a person. It contains a lot of information about a person, including genetic.

This is where the ideas of D. Bohm were used, which can be summarized as follows. Everything that exists in our world is displayed in the Universal hologram. This also applies to all living beings. And to the person too. Each of us is recorded in the Universal hologram from birth to death. And this image with all its characteristics, with all its genes, will forever be stored in this hologram. If we can connect to this hologram using a photo of a person as an address to him in this Universal hologram, then we can get complete information about him at any age. And we can treat the person himself according to his childhood photo, when the child in the photo has not yet had time to get sick with many diseases.

I am often asked how do you capture information from a photo using a laser? After all, there is only a photographic emulsion in the photo … This is a deep delusion. A photo of a person is his photon image hovering above the photo. The photons of a special laser beam, which we use to capture information, interfere with the photons of the image of a person in the photo. It does not matter that the cross section of the laser beam 1 mm, because we get the so-called hologram of a traveling intensity wave on opposing photon beams.

It is also important that the scattering of laser photons on the photo surface occurs over a larger area than the beam spot, which makes an additional contribution to the hologram of the traveling intensity wave. With this method of scanning a photo, we eventually get a torsion-sound spectrum of a photo that patients listen to. The theoretical and technical details of this whole process are given in the links to our articles.

Now about the most important thing. Whatever interpretations are given to the fact that the spectrum of the photo acts as a factor correcting health, the practical verification of the effectiveness of the spectra is decisive. It is given in the reviews of the cured. For example, there are described unprecedented cases of retinal regeneration with the return of vision, regeneration of a part of the small intestine, the cure of maculopathy of the eyes with the return of vision, the cure of cystic fibrosis, cancer, the return of the menstrual cycle to 80-year-old women as a marker of a young state of the body, etc.

Doctor of Biological Sciences, Director of the Institute of Linguistic-Wave Genetics, P.P. Garyaev





We recommend listening to Garyaev’s matrices for everything. But you can arbitrarily break it into parts, for example, into triplets. Listen to each of them first for 1-2 days. In the future, after adaptation, you can listen to all the parts together. Subjectively, based on your feelings, you determine the files that you perceive and act most well. In the future, you can listen mainly to them.

The sound volume should not be high. It is desirable to listen after sleep, during the day and before bedtime. You can turn on programs in a quiet background and during sleep. You can use headphones. Before listening, it is advisable to tune in to the program, completely relax, if possible, no extraneous thoughts, focus on your own feelings, or simply not think about anything. Although not a requirement, the programs work in the normal course of things, but are slightly less efficient.




Informational medicine does not mean abandoning conventional medicine, but complementing it. Please note that physical activity cannot be canceled. “Reign lying on your side” will not work. In the first days of listening to universal programs, as well as individual ones, there may be some short-term (no more than 5 days) deterioration in well-being, as your body is being rebuilt. You can take a short break for 1-2 days.




It is better to use Garyaev’s matrix programs in the morning, afternoon and evening. Sometimes, in severe disease states, programs can be used around the clock – in repeat mode. It should be noted that after a day or two, the user may experience some discomfort, but they quickly pass. This is natural, since the human body is gradually rebuilt, adapting to a new healthy state. If longer exacerbations occur, you need to stop listening for a few days, and then resume. Or, if the photo is chosen unsuccessfully, you can use a new one.


Over time, everyone suffers from disease to one degree or another. Some of them seem to pass without a trace, and some cause serious pathological changes. However, the gradual breakdown of the protective functions of the body becomes the basis for the development of pathological processes in it.

The method of wave genetics allows you to professionally adjust the biological and chemical-physiological properties of the body, the task of which is to reduce sensitivity to various antigens and pathogenic phenomena. By stabilizing the health of the immune system and the functionality of internal organs, we help to properly organize the process of normal metabolism and the fight against pathogenic microflora.

Modern conditions of human existence contain many factors that affect the decrease in the protective functions of the body, in particular:

transmission of diseases caused by infections, bacteria, fungi and viruses;
violation of the regime and balance of nutrition;
accumulation in the body of toxic substances that enter it during nicotine addiction and excessive alcohol consumption;
physiological and hormonal changes caused by the processes of wear and aging of organs, as well as during pregnancy;
wrong choice of therapeutic tactics for the treatment of progressive diseases;
the transition of pathological processes occurring in the body into chronic forms.

With age, for many people, maintaining poor health becomes an ongoing process that requires a significant investment of time and money. To avoid this, timely correction of the immune system is necessary, which will ensure constant natural protection of the internal environment.

Currently, information resources are filled with a variety of proposals for universal means of improving health, which are mostly devoted to the use of immunotropic drugs and biological additives. Unlike them, our immune system correction center offers an effective program for a whole range of activities aimed at improving the general condition of the body.

Methods of wave genetics allow you to carefully and carefully implement the tactics of intervention and adjustment of the body, effectively eliminate the causes of immunological deficiency. Some programs aimed at treating the immune system when it is disordered also provide life support for diseases with a congenital form of immunodeficiency.

Modern pharmacological preparations increase the immunological reactivity of the body due to a significant increase in the phagocytic activity of leukocytes, which accelerate the activation of the protective properties of the body and its recovery. However, only a comprehensive correction of immunity is the key to the success of the prevention and treatment of diseases. Recently, the restoration of normal immune regulation, the balance of vitamins and microelements using wave methods has been very popular.

The program used is based on deep medical studies of metabolic changes associated with impaired synthesis and release of interleukins and interferons. Our Immunity Correction Center uses the most advanced preventive and therapeutic methods to implement the quantum principles of correction, which guarantee an improvement in the protective and other functions of the body.

Principle of operation

To understand the principles of operation of the holographic information-laser converter used by us, actually a quantum biocomputer [26], the works of the classic of dynamic holography Yu.N. Denisyuk [17]. He developed the basics of holographic display of material structures, including dynamic ones moving in space-time (for example, Doppler holography). This is especially important for our theoretical constructions and their implementation in specific devices, since organisms, from the point of view of holography, are non-stationary media. Using Denisyuk’s principles as a theoretical base, we were able to experimentally prove its applicability to the functioning of biosystems. This gave impetus to the further development of control theory in biological and physical objects through the use of spatial holographic transmission of modulation information, which is carried out in several ways in biological and physical objects [2-13, 21].

The essence of this phenomenon is based on the hypothesis of the unity of wave and material processes occurring in all closed and open cyclic systems [18]. The transmission of modulation information from the donor object to the recipient object occurs by means of rectilinearly propagating mutually penetrating waves carrying multilevel modulation information. One of the theoretical substantiations of the holographic biocontrol method can be the physical and mathematical model used by us to develop a method for the formation of an incoherent polarization-dynamic biological hologram using the optical properties of cell nuclei (chromosomes) as spherical lenses (quasi lenses), polarization-optical components in the form of liquid DNA cholesteric crystals.

Let us consider a formalized description of this process, which was proposed for the registration of color holograms without the use of lasers [22]. Note that chromosomes cannot be literally considered as lasers. The only thing they have in common with lasers is that they are sources of coherent radiation. By adapting the formalism [22] to a biological system, we describe the ongoing intracellular processes. Following this, we will give a mathematical justification for the performance of an incoherent polarization-holographic amplitude-phase quasi-objective and, in this way, we will come to an explanation of the essence of the wave control method in organisms located in the “far zone”. A biosystem in a certain sense is a complex associate of optically active substances, polarizers that rotate the plane of polarization of optical radiation passing through them, and this is well known [19,27]. However, the principles of bioholographic control using light polarization were previously considered only by us.

The holographic transfer function can be determined based on the Fourier transform of expression (5). The resulting hologram contains complete volumetric information about the spatial characteristics of the object being holographed or about the spatial distribution of the donor surface points relative to the recording plane of the recipient hologram. Thus, the comparison of the solution of our problem is similar to the traditional one. At the same time, it is clear that the method described above is fundamentally different from the known interference methods and provides undeniable advantages.

Firstly, along with laser monochromaticity and coherence of light of cell nuclei, both in the situation of endogenous biowave processes and in artificial signal transmission, the dispersive rotational ability of the optically active medium of the body and spatial locally distributed polarization filtering through a quasi-objective are used to work in ” far zone.” This is quite enough for the recipient to perceive the wave biosignal-image of the donor without distortion under the conditions of the donor’s dynamism as a non-stationary medium. The fundamental property of the cellular structures of biosystems is to be optically active, i.e. to polarize light, probably allows organisms to use even non-coherent light for vibration-resistant registration and reconstruction of their own holograms even without laser light sources. This happens when biosystems, such as plants, use natural sunlight for biomorphogenesis across the spectrum from UV to IR.

Vibration resistance is determined by the value of the polarization-optical rotational ability and, consequently, by the thickness of the layer of the optically active medium of the cell nuclei for operation in the “near zone” and the thickness of the layer of the optically active medium of the quasi-objective for operation in the “far zone”. It is known that the rotational ability of some liquid crystals reaches 40,000 deg/mm, which, when used in a holographic information-laser converter, the main component of a quantum biocomputer, is quite sufficient for the wide use of this method along the line of polarization-holographic transmission of genetic-metabolic information and holographic control biosystems. Taking into account the proposed mathematical model, we substantiated the above-mentioned model of a liquid-crystal cell nucleus (or a continuum of nuclei) as a biological quasi-objective. It made it possible to create the first bioholographic installation, in fact, a quantum-analog biocomputer that performs the following real functions of wave control of the recipient biosystem:

  1. Reading from the biosystem/biostructure that is a donor, the wave equivalent of genetic and metabolic information and/or trigger wave signals, which include the corresponding programs in the recipient biosystem.
  2. Transmission of polarization-holographic dynamic modulation information from a donor to a recipient located in the “far zone” using a specially designed and manufactured quasi-objective.
  3. Targeted introduction of it into the biosystem-recipient.
  4. Strategic management of the metabolism of the biosystem-recipient.

We demonstrated these four functions in Russia (Moscow) in 2000 and then in Canada (Toronto) in 2002. We repeated these works again in Russia in an expanded version (N-Novgorod) in 2007. [24]. Following this, we discovered other biological phenomena (see below) associated with the use of technologies of this kind [29]. This direction of research, which originated at the IPU RAS, is not limited to the practical use of only the first model of a quantum biocomputer. On the basis of the theory given by us earlier [3,4,7-13,25,29] and developed in this work thanks to the efforts, mainly, of G.G. use the entire range of coherent probing polarized radiation from UV to IR ranges.


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