Mobile generator «Ekomag-1m»

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Generator “Ekomag-1m” Created by the Small Innovative Enterprise Limited Liability Company “Ekosvet” was established in 2006 in Krasnodar by former employees of NPO “Kvant”. The subject of activity is scientific and technical developments in the field of medicine, energy, biotechnology, and the production of medical equipment. The results of the work are protected by two patents for inventions of the Russian Federation, awarded with six diplomas of Russian and international scientific and practical conferences and exhibitions.

The Ecomag-1m generator is a modified version of the Ecomag-1. The main difference is in the power supply of the device. It is carried out by charging the rechargeable paired batteries. And food from them. Very easy to operate. is a resonant sine generator, made in the form of a mobile small-sized device. Inside the housing are placed: an electronic microprocessor control unit of the apparatus, as well as a generator of sinusoidal oscillations. The case of the device is made of high-quality eco-friendly ABC plastic.


Power supply of the device: from rechargeable twin batteries 18650, 5200mA, 3.7v
Time to fully charge: 3 hours.
Operating time without recharging at maximum current strength: up to 16 hours.
Power consumption: no more than 50 W
Output frequency: 280 – 310 kHz
Output signal adjustment: 25, 50, 100%
Timer: 15, 30, 60, ∞ min.
AC adapter input frequency: 47-440Hz
Electrical class: 2
Degree of electrical protection: IP21
Machine weight: no more than 2 kg
Device dimensions: 216x145x42 mm


The time from a fully discharged battery to a full charge is about 3 hours. To determine the level of charging on the power supply has a three-color indication. Red indicates that the battery is low. Yellow means the battery is half charged. And Green that the battery is fully charged. To correctly determine the degree of charge of the batteries. The following connection procedure must be observed. First, the power supply is connected to the network and only then the generator is connected.

Also on the front side added a visual indication of partial discharge of batteries. When the indicator goes out, it signals that the charge is 20% left over time, which is about 3-4 hours of generator operation. Depending on the selected amperage when using. When connecting the power supply to charge the batteries of the generator. The indicator lights up, but this does not mean that the batteries are charged. The degree of charge is determined by the power supply.

And now the answer to the main question. And how long can the Generator work offline without recharging. We answer. When using the generator in the maximum amperage mode. The operating time is about 16 hours. When operating in modes of medium and minimum current strength. The operating time increases to 24 hours. Thus, we can calculate that with the recommended methods for using Tesla coils. And this is 2 times a day, either for 60 minutes, or 3 times for 30 minutes. Gives us the possibility of autonomous use of the generator up to 2 weeks.


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