Set №4 «Advanced»

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Complete set: (Generator Ecomag-1, Coil “Medium” -14cm, Coil “Large” -22cm, Coil “TOR” (with the ability to connect static elements; Spikes or Labyrinth), Indicator (electromagnetic field). Electrostatic-Spikes 14cm, Electrostatic -Spikes 22cm, Coil “Flexible”, Pockets fixers as a gift.

Set No. 4 “Advanced” can also be conditionally called “convenient” due to the fact that in addition to the “lock pockets” that come as a gift, it also contains a “flexible coil”, which is a Velcro cuff with an additional elastic band. This allows you to take all physiotherapy procedures as conveniently as possible. Due to its changeable shape, the flexible coil is very comfortable to use and effective when working with joints. In addition, it can be said that a “flexible” coil, unlike classical flat coils, forms in a bent state not one vector field, but forms two fields of different directions, both vertical and horizontal, while these two fields intersect without interacting with each other, what in physics is called “Super position of the fields” in our case, when using a coil for joints, these two fields form a single formation in the form of a ball, thereby penetrating to the joint from all sides.

Thus, the above examples help you understand the set of functionality of this kit. For detailed consultation, please contact our managers.

Also, learn in more detail about each element included in this kit, its principles of influence and work with the human body. You can follow the link “Additions to the kits” /product-category/matricza-zdorovya/dopolneniya-k-komplektam-biolis-matricza-zdorovya/ as well as “Mishin’s Thorns” /product-category/matricza-zdorovya/shipy-mishina/

An option is available with the Ecomag-1 generator and the Ecomag-1m mobile generator



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Generator «Ekomag-1», Mobile generator «Ekomag-1m»

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  1. Пётр

    Брал комплект № 4 , для общего укрепления организма. Ещё беспокоили коленные суставы. Возраст… Через полторы недели ощутил результат! Чувствую себя хорошо, а главное ноги! Боль почти ушла, передвигаться легче, гораздо! Отдельное спасибо разработчикам за гибкую катушку! Вещь! Пётр, 67 лет.

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