Set №3 «Universal»

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Complete set: (Generator Ecomag-1, Coil “Medium” -14cm, Coil “Large” -22cm, Coil “TOR” (with the ability to connect static elements; Spikes or Labyrinth), Indicator (electromagnetic field). Electrostatic-Spikes 14cm, Electrostatic -Spikes 22cm, Pockets fixers as a gift

The “Universal” set includes all types of electromagnetic coils. And also unlike sets No. 1 and No. 2. The “Universal” set includes Electrostatic elements (spikes or labyrinth)

Active emitters of an electric field, working in a completely different way, from the Mishin / Tesla bifilar coils that have already become familiar to many. The device is an active elements “spikes”, working either in a pair of two elements “spikes”, or in conjunction with the emitter “maze”. A high AC voltage with a frequency of about 300 kHz is supplied from a step-up transformer – a capacitive torus. The effect is due to a strong electrostatic field generated by both emitters. In one half-cycle, a positive potential is applied to the spikes, a negative potential is applied to the “maze”, in the other half-cycle, the polarity is reversed. If the emitters are located on different sides of the body, a powerful “pumping” of the therapeutic electric field occurs. Each of the emitters can be used separately (connection through connectors allows you to do this), but the combined use greatly enhances the therapeutic effect. To do this, it is enough to place electrostatic elements on opposite sides of the body, and thus, at a current strength of 100%, undergo procedures for either 15 minutes 2 times a day or 1 time a day for 30 minutes.

Thus, the above examples help you understand the set of functionality of this kit. For detailed consultation, please contact our managers.

Also, learn in more detail about each element included in this kit, its principles of influence and work with the human body. You can follow the link “Additions to the kits” /product-category/matricza-zdorovya/dopolneniya-k-komplektam-biolis-matricza-zdorovya/ as well as “Mishin’s Thorns” /product-category/matricza-zdorovya/shipy-mishina/

An option is available with the Ecomag-1 generator and the Ecomag-1m mobile generator


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Generator «Ekomag-1», Mobile generator «Ekomag-1m»

3 reviews for Set №3 «Universal»

  1. Марина

    Очень удобный комплект, всё необходимое для меня есть. Катушками лечу ухо и спину, а шипами статики борюсь с тревожностью и бессонницей. Большое вам спасибо, стало заметно спокойнее.

  2. Семён

    Подсказали менеджеры, какой комплект подобрать. Остановились на комплекте №-3 “Универсальный”. Тут тебе и Статика и Электромагнитное поле. И кармашки для шипов и катушек в подарок. В руках не нужно катушки держать всё удобно. Когда комплект пришёл немного за морочился с индикатором. Он и статику и Электромагнитное поле показывает. Не сразу понял, что к чему. Сразу катушку 14см на почки по инструкции. 2 недели. А Шипы статики, когда не пользуюсь катушкой. кладу в спальне на пол разводя шипы максимально друг от друга. На бесконечном времени и силе тока 100% И обрабатываю помещение.

  3. Николай

    Классный комплект! То, что нужно! Реально восстанавливается сон. Вот уже 3-ю неделю засыпаю без таблеток.

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