Set No. 5 «Maximum»

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Complete set: (Generator Ecomag-1, Coil “Medium” -14cm, Coil “Large” -22cm, Coil “TOR” (with the ability to connect static elements; Spikes or Labyrinth), Indicator (electromagnetic field). Electrostatic-Spikes 14cm, Electrostatic – Spikes 22cm, Coil “Flexible”, Coil pad 14cm, Coil pad 22cm. Pockets fixers as a gift

The name of the kit “Maximum” speaks for itself, this kit contains all the necessary elements according to the “Coils-Mishina” technology, these are classic electromagnetic “flat coils” of different diameters. And overlays for these electromagnetic coils, which, due to their specifics: the geometry of the location of the needles of the emitters, the dielectric base and other technological methods. Enhance the efficiency of classic coils.

There is an indicator of the electromagnetic field. And the electrostatic elements “thorns and labyrinth” connected to the generator through a step-up transformer, aka TOP. The set also includes a “Flexible” electromagnetic field coil with the most convenient system of use. And as a gift to this set. For convenience of use there are pockets clamps.

Thus, the above examples help you understand the set of functionality of this kit. For detailed consultation, please contact our managers.

Also, learn in more detail about each element included in this kit, its principles of influence and work with the human body. You can follow the link “Additions to the kits” /product-category/matricza-zdorovya/dopolneniya-k-komplektam-biolis-matricza-zdorovya/ as well as “Mishin’s Thorns” /product-category/matricza-zdorovya/shipy-tesla/

An option is available with the Ecomag-1 generator and the Ecomag-1m mobile generator


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Abroad, Russia


Generator «Ekomag-1», Mobile generator «Ekomag-1m»

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  1. Михаил

    Здорово! Теперь вообще всё есть, для физиопроцедур в домашних условиях, ещё и электрофорез!!! Пришло всё быстро. Коробка немного помятая, но т.к. упаковано всё очень хорошо, изделия все целые. Ещё инструкцию положили на английском языке, но я позвонил, и мне выслали на русском. Спасибо.

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