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Complete set: flexible static coil; step up transformer.


The principle of operation of the product is based on the physiotherapeutic effect on the body of a vortex electrostatic field. A flexible coil of statics, for general strengthening physiotherapeutic procedures, is placed for 60 minutes along the spine, or locally, on problem areas of the body.

Connecting a flexible static coil to the Ecomag generator is carried out through a step-up transformer.

Two types of the electrostatic field are known, irrotational and vortex. An irrotational electrostatic field is characterized by the fact that it does not change over time. In addition, such a field cannot exist separately from electric charges, which themselves are its source. The vortex electrostatic field is characterized by the fact that it can change over time and exist separately from electric charges.

This method of influencing the patient with an electrostatic field is based on the interaction of the body with an alternating low-frequency electrostatic field of high intensity with the possibility of changing the current strength mode, as well as time parameters. The electrostatic field contributes to the appearance of varying degrees of vibration in the tissues, extending to a considerable depth.

These fluctuations (displacements) of tissues, depending on their frequency, intensity and duration of application. able to influence the neuro-receptor apparatus, locally located blood and lymphatic vessels, regulate muscle tone, affect the functional state of internal organs. The presented technique of electrostatic therapy is effective in the pathology of the organs of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, lymphatic and venous insufficiency, attacks of the same pathology of the bronchopulmonary system and digestive organs.

Each cell has its own electrical parameters, the ability to attract and repel. On our surface, a cell at rest has a positive charge (+), and on the inside it has a negative charge (-). When a cell is exposed to an electric field, the polarity changes on its shell, the charges change places, the molecular ion channels are additionally opened, as a result, the throughput increases, as well as the removal of spent elements from the cell. As a result, it increases and accelerates the metabolism in the human body. A clear interaction of all the functions of the cell’s vital activity is a prerequisite for the existence of both a single cell and the whole organism as a whole.

When the cell is exposed to an electric field, the concentration of electrolytes changes: the current has a physiological effect, creating a threshold excitation, and gives impetus to the cell’s vital activity. The main carrier of energy circulating in the body is an electron. For normal metabolism and optimal biochemical processes, conditions are required for the unhindered movement of an electron. The absence of electrical potential or its insufficiency is the root cause of the emergence of an uncomfortable state of the body and, as a result, the development of diseases.Cells lose electrical potential under the influence of stress, physical and mental overload, fatigue, radiation, malnutrition and other adverse factors. The body is not able to independently (especially in old age) “recharge” the cells, therefore, the activity of metabolic processes decreases, the endocrine glands secrete less synovial fluid, the surfaces of the joints dry out, salt deposits appear, and pain occurs. The cell eventually fails.

For example, sclerosis is the failure of the walls of capillaries, blood vessels and fluid volumes. And no material benefits – increased nutrition, sleep, rest, resorts, sea bathing, expensive drugs – are able to compensate for the lack of electrical potential of the cell.

The acid-base balance of Ph in the body is very important. With an increase in the acidity of the internal environment of the body, the metabolism decreases, the balance of positively and negatively charged particles is disturbed. An excess of positive charge impedes the circulation of electrons, which leads to stagnation, chronic fatigue syndrome, vegetative dystonia and other diseases. Drug treatment is one of the methods of confrontation. But sometimes the use of drugs leads to side effects, which are described in large numbers in the instructions for the use of drugs. And it also leads to slagging of the body and weakening of its functions.

The use of an electrostatic field as an element of physiotherapy allows you to restore Ph, the electrical potential of the cell, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the vascular, nervous, lymphatic, circulatory, endocrine and immune systems. The reduction-oxidation reaction has two phases: one is reduction, the process of obtaining an electron, the second is oxidation, the process of donating an electron. In case of inconsistency in the operation of systems, a free electron is formed during the transfer of electrons, which breaks the pair and forms a free radical. Its molecule is very active, it is able to create a cascade of free radicals, with the participation of which many biochemical reactions occur, including enzymatic oxidation, leading to the development of diseases.

Observation shows that in the presence of a normal electrical potential, a person can successfully work and live fully at 90, and at 100 years and longer. During the procedures, all malfunctions in the work of various body systems that have not yet manifested themselves in the form of pain and disorders of the functions of individual organs are fully identified and eliminated. Electrotherapy procedures not only restore the work of all blood vessels, but also affect the psychological state of a person.


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