Ekomag-3 “Sinusoidal electromagnetic field modulator with Tesla induction coils” Equipment No. 2

60 000 


Equipment: modulator “Ekomag-3”, coil “TOR” Flexible coil of electromagnetic field, Flexible coil of electrostatic field with step-up transformer, light-sound indicator of electromagnetic and electrostatic fields.

Description: in the Ekomag-3 device, Universal matrices developed by P.P. Garyaev are used as a modulating signal. And also modulation of the sinusoidal signal shape is carried out using any sound programs, plots, matrices, etc.

Tesla induction coils act as the emitter of the resulting amplitude modulation in the Ecomag-3 (modulator) kit; they are also an oscillatory circuit, because both “layers” are not closed to each other. It is essentially a capacitor with inductance and can act as a radiating antenna. All coils are wound in resonance with the generator part in parameters from 280 kHz to 310 kHz. Included with the Ekomag-3 generator (modulator), etc. Reels are available in several types and sizes. And also an additional element are active electric field emitters, which work in a completely different way from the bifilar Tesla coils that have already become familiar to many.

The operating principle of the Ekomag-3 device (modulator) is incredibly simple and universal. In fact, the device, depending on its configuration, is not one, but several devices, thus covering the maximum range of problems. “Ecomag-3” Can function in three modes: 1-Classical sinusoidal signal generator, 2-Contact electrotherapy device. 3-Sinusoidal waveform modulator. By default, the device contains twenty-one universal matrixes of Garyaev P.P.

No. 1 “Correction of the immune system.” The program helps strengthen the immune system.

No. 2 “Correction of the skeletal system.” The program promotes the prevention and correction of disorders and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

No. 3 “Correction of the cardiovascular system.” The program promotes the prevention and correction of changes in the cardiovascular system.

No. 4 “Correction of nervous system disorders.” The program helps correct disorders of the autonomic and central nervous systems.

No. 5 “Anti-cancer program.” The program is aimed against cancer.

No. 6 “Correction of general metabolism and the functioning of the digestive tract.” Program for correcting metabolism of the whole body.

No. 7 “Inhibition of aging.” The program is one of the options for slowing down aging at the patient’s current age.

No. 8 “Men’s Line”. Improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system, and helps with various kidney diseases. Prevents the formation of stones and sand in the bladder. Affects all pathological processes in the prostate gland. Affects sexual functions.

No. 9 “Women’s Line”. Activation of metabolic processes, restoration of water balance, elimination of edema, cleansing of the lymphatic system. Elimination of sagging skin. Setting up the menstrual cycle. Harmonization of the genital organs.

No. 10 “Vision support.” The program is aimed at maintaining eye health under heavy visual loads, in particular when working at a computer, in bright light, in elderly people, with degenerative changes in the retina, myopia, etc.

No. 11 “Restoration of the body after 40-50 years.” The program is aimed at correcting age-related changes in the body.

No. 12 “Anti-parasitic program.” The human body is an ideal habitat for pathogenic microorganisms that can infect almost any organ or system, causing a number of not always “harmless” diseases. Treatment of such diseases should be aimed not only at eliminating the invasion, but also at restoring the functioning of the damaged internal organ. We propose to include the method of wave action on parasites in treatment. It has a complex effect on the entire body and has no side effects. Therefore, it is indicated for both adults and children. By listening to sound programs, a person gradually gets rid of parasites and, at the same time, the body is cleansed of the products of their vital activity.

No. 13 “Slender figure.” Activation of metabolic processes, metabolism, restoration of water balance, getting rid of edema, cleansing the body. Restoration of hormonal levels.

No. 14 “Against allergies.” The program is aimed at maintaining the human body’s immunity and strengthening its ability to resist allergens.

No. 15 “Youth and health of the skin.” The program is aimed at improving the condition of the skin, its rejuvenation, reducing wrinkles, and activating the natural protective mechanisms of the skin.

No. 16 “Wave immunity against viruses.” The program is aimed at strengthening the immune system and fighting viruses.

No. 17 “Against smoking.” The program is aimed at combating nicotine addiction.

No. 18 Normalization of the genitourinary system

No. 19 Restoration of the body after 70 years

No. 20 Against alcohol addiction

No. 21 Cleansing the body

The device can be equipped with an electrotherapy module, working according to the principle of Hilda Regil Clark and Woldemar Ragel. Emitter coils of different sizes and functionality are also used. To use the device in classic generator mode, without modulation. It is enough to connect the emitter coil, turn on the device, and press the power button of the device. Select session time and current strength. And apply the coil to the problem area of ​​the body. More details about this, as well as all other functions of the device, are described in the instructions for use included with the device.


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