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The large “Tesla Coil” is intended primarily for cleansing the body. Effectively affects the problems of blood circulation due to the extensive distribution of the field.

This is the most efficient coil for the biophysical activation of drinking water!

A BIG Tesla COIL working with a resonant generator Ekomag-1, 1m, 3, etc…. structures ordinary drinking water, making it biologically active and beneficial for your body.

Water acquires special properties in the electromagnetic field of the coils. As a result of electric field activation, water passes into a metastable state, which is characterized by anomalous values ​​of electron activity, and its waveforms also change.

After being exposed to an electromagnetic field for 30 … 60 minutes, ordinary water acquires remarkable properties. The water becomes

biologically active and therefore may have a therapeutic effect. Experiments have shown that drinking water

increases the permeability of biological membranes of tissue cells, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and liver, regulates blood pressure, increases metabolism, promotes the removal of small stones from the kidneys.

It helps plants to better assimilate the nutrients of the soil, to a person – to clean the vessels. And if so, then “Restructured” water should become an invaluable assistant in physical exercises, dramatically increasing their effectiveness.

How to “restructure” water:

We take purified (filtered) water, pour into a 3-liter glass container, set the power regulator to the maximum and after 30-60 minutes, as a result of the impact of the field, biological “Restructuring” begins to occur. Which can be observed as the appearance of “bubbles”, we call it (aeration effect), as soon as this happens, then the water has passed the stage of “restructuring” and it can be used within 1 day. In some regions, due to the hardness of the water, the PH composition and the content of other chemical elements. You can not observe the formation of air bubbles on the walls of the container. But this absolutely does not mean that the water has not passed the stage of “restructuring”.


The large flat “Tesla Coil” 22 cm is made of shock-resistant, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly Material – two-component, monolithic polyurethane compound ADV HP-40 of cold curing. TU 2257-147-22736960-2013

Ready-made polyurethane compound ADV-KhP-40 refers to a low-hazard material, explosion- and fireproof. Does not emit toxic substances during operation under normal conditions. Copper wire without impurities is used as winding. The product is manufactured in accordance with TU 27.11.50-001-0149007299-2020

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